Lost: Is It Really Desmond In That Locked Sub Door?

A few weeks back, Jacob tasked Hurley and Jack to go to the Lighthouse--yep, that one with the mirrors--to guide whoever it is that he claims is arriving on the Island. Well, no guiding happened because Jack busted the mirrors.

Last week, someone did arrive on the Island, only on a submarine, with equipment that's definitely more sophisticated than that primitive lighthouse. That, and since it's in a submarine, there's no way he'll see the light from the lighthouse. That guy happens to be Charles Widmore, and it looked like a pretty easy fit... until history caught up with him.

Okay, so I'll be repeating points we've made before, but I think this situation warrants just that. During Widmore's later years on the Island, he ordered Ben to kill a baby girl that would eventually be Alex. It's Jacob's will, he says. That should put him on the side of Jacob, but we all know it was Ben who rose to prominence soon. It was Ben who, as the leader of the Others, took Jacob's orders and followed them faithfully.

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