Review: Modern Family - Not in My House Episode 12

I want a dog butler now. Sofia Vergara managed to do so much with her simple reactions to this dog, and Jay's interactions with it, throughout this episode, she had me laughing without saying a word. In fact, this may have been one of the funniest episodes of Modern Family yet.

Misunderstanding was the theme for all three families this week. You had Gloria misunderstanding Jay and Barkley's relationship -- Barkley being the dog butler. Cameron's big heart led to all kinds of Latino insanity in their household, to Mitchell's horror, while it was Phil's fear of his wife that allowed several instances of misunderstanding in the saga of the big bare breasted tractor rider (*Ahem* It's a combine).

When Claire found the aforementioned picture on the computer, she freaked out, assuming it was their son, Luke who was looking at it. Instead, it was Phil who'd received it as a joke from a friend he won't mention (It was Gilthorp). Meanwhile, someone's been reading Haley's journal on the computer, so she defaces Alex's picture of Maya Angelou in revenge. That's all you need for a great moment of confession from Luke.

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