Video Interview: Blair Brown of 'Fringe'

In an alternate universe, I'm pretty sure Blair Brown is my super cool surrogate Aunt. In that universe, where JFK was never assassinated and the Twin Towers still stand, Blair and I have tickets to the hottest show in town--The Beatles reunion tour. She's like your Mom's cooler sister, who oozes grace and charm, before blowing your mind with talk of heady scientific theories and auras.

Though her character on Fringe has a chest full of Kevlar, Blair Brown herself couldn't be more warm-hearted. She completely lacks the shrewd sharpness of her character and of course, that bionic arm. But that's not to say she and her character Nina Sharp have nothing in common. During our interview Blair talked with expertise and passion about fringe science in a manner that would certainly make the head of Massive Dynamic proud.

Watch my full interview with Blair Brown to hear about the smokin' possibilities between Nina and Phillip Broyle's clones, her reaction the big surprise of the premiere, and what we can expect from season 2 of Fringe.

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