Raising the Bar Season 2, Episode 11: "Bobbi Ba-Bing" - Recap

This week, Jerry defends a man who stabbed a fellow inmate and Richard works with a new PD, Ashley, defending a homeless man arrested for panhandling. But the overly enthusiastic Ashley finds constitutional grounds for dismissing the case and hopes to follow that up with a class action lawsuit against the city. Oh, and things finally get steamy between Bobbi and Jerry! (At last!)

The episode begins with Jerry's client, Mr. Obassi, telling Jerry that he was sentenced to jail time on a bogus robbery, and that the bloods would have killed him if he didn't stab the gang leader in jail.

Richard's client, Frank Louis, was arrested for the sixth time on a charge of loitering for the purpose of begging. The judge sentenced him to 15 days in jail, which upset the man because he was concerned with the well being of his dog, Whisky.

The interview process begins for Roz, Richard, and Bobbi who hope to find someone to fill the first spot in the up and coming civil service unit that was created as a result of Richard's three billion dollar donation. After a lot of useless interviews, Ashley walks in and singlehandedly solves Richard's case and shows off her passion for the job and her high level of intelligence.

Meanwhile, Jerry and his client discuss a four-year deal, which Mr. Obassi turns down because he wants his chance to get out, and if he loses, he is already something he didn't want to be.

Judge Ventimiglia tries Jerry's case, and Richard presents the case Ashley suggested during her interview. As a result, his client goes free.

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