It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 Episode 2: "The Gang Hits the Road" - Recap

After taking a dip in rich families' home last week, the gang hits the road and heads to the Grand Canyon on this week's episode of Sunny! What kinds of shenanigans could they possibly get into on the road? Find out on this week's recap!

Wanting to visit the Grand Canyon before he dies, Frank, along with Dennis, Mac and Charlie, pack up for a road trip to the Grand Canyon - without inviting Sweet Dee. Hoping to hit the road before running into Dee, the guys pack up an empty U-Haul trailer to the Rover and get ready to depart, but Dee arrives just in the neck of time - in her new car! Why? Well if you recall from previous seasons, Mac and Charlie ran her car into a brick wall while faking their own deaths.

Even after trying to force Dee not to go since she has to use the bathroom often, everyone ends up going and we discover that Charlie has never left Philadelphia nor has he ever tasted a pear, blueberry or strawberry. Solution? Hello Italian Market. You Philadelphians, like me, know exactly where the market is! While embarking on the trip, the Rover suffers some damage after Mac throws a beer bottle at a biker and the gang ends up taking Sweet Dee's new car to the Market.

After bargaining a few items in the market, the gang finally hits the road with Dennis and Frank sitting in the trailer while the rest of the gang is in the car. Wanting to drink, Sweet Dee picks up a hitchhiker to drive the car while everyone else drinks. At this point, Charlie is now with Dennis in the trailer and they want to grill some hot dogs, while Dee sings "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum to the hitchhiker who is running away to Hollywood.

What happens next is by far the best scene in this young, fantabulous season! While singing "Runaway Train," Sweet Dee is relieving herself into a jar and tosses the contents out the window - we're talking urine by the way. Sleeping in the back seat, Mac is soaked by the contents and wakes up in horror and shock! The gang pulls over and notices smoke coming from the trailer - what happened? After opening the trailer, we discover Dennis and Charlie passed out on the floor. I'd say it's not a good idea to grill dogs in a trailer.

After cleaning up and finding some new furniture for the trailer, the gang hits the road again - still not having left Philly by the way! Charlie sits up front with the hitchhiker driver but in the end asks him to drop him off back at Paddy's and take the other to the Grand Canyon, which does not happen. The hitchhiker steals the car and the gang goes nowhere. On the bright side, Frank enjoyed the trip.

A classic Sunny episode in the making, what did you guys think about this week's episode? This is certainly another one worth quoting and watching over and over.

Be sure to comment about your favorite clips from this week and tune in next week when the gang faces "The Great Recession!"

'Til then, keep on the sunny side of life!

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