True Blood Season 2, Episode 9: "I Will Rise Up" - Recap

On Sunday's episode of True Blood, Eric and Sookie deepen their antipathy. Hoyt introduces Jessica to his momma. Lafayette and Lettie Mae attempt to loosen Maryann's grip on Tara. Sam escapes from prison. And in the wake of the Dallas suicide bombing, Godric must make amends for his actions at the Fellowship of the Sun.

Dallas Vampire Nest

We backtrack a few minutes to see Bill send off Lorena with harsh words. Inside, the Lukenator has detonated his dirty bomb and things are... dirty. Fire, smoke, blood and sinew (echoes of Eddie's death) cover the walls, floors and ceiling of the once-chic residence, which has been partially reduced to rubble. Stan is the only major casualty, though a few other vampires and humans - and of course Luke, whose severed hand Jason finds amidst the chaos, honesty ring still intact - perish as well. Godric sends the vampires off to the Hotel Camilla where security is in place.

Eric and Sookie

Inside, Eric, who covered Sookie in the blast and has thus been hit by some silver shrapnel, asks Sookie to suck the silver out of him. "Son of a mother!" she says in her special way, as Eric is perhaps the last vamp on earth on whom she'd prefer to place her lips. Of course, vampires can heal themselves (duh), so this wasn't necessary at all. It was just a trick to get Sookie to consume some of his blood. "You're connected," Bill proclaims when he discovers Eric's dastardly deed. "He'll be able to sense your emotions." "You big, lying a-hole!" Sookie screams - and yes, she said "a-hole." "Bill, you're right, I believe I can sense her emotions," Eric snarks. Heh. The result: Eric will always know where Sookie is and how she feels; in turn, she may feel a sexual attraction to him.

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