9 Important Lessons from 20/20's 'Inside the Bachelor' Special

What is "news"?

Is it the relevant, insightful reporting and analysis of topics that affect our lives and our world? Or is it the drawn out, jazzed up re-purposing and presentation of tidbits about long-forgotten pop culture stars, presented by "journalists" who use words like 'haterade' and 'verklempt'?

If you answered "I think it's that first one," well it's time for you to make an appointment with the eye doctor, because if you were seeing 20/20, you'd know that finding out how many women Bob Guiney slept with in 2003 is most certainly news, and "Did that one British Bachelor, I forget his name, get orthodontic work so that American women would kiss him on TV?" is a question that definitely needs delving into.

Luckily, 20/20, ABC's premier newsertainment series, was there to answer these tough questions and more in their "Inside the Bachelor: Stories Behind the Rose" special last night. And, boy, did I learn a lot, and have so much fun learning it, too. "I hope you're not allergic to roses," host Chris Connelly literally said on air. Hahaha, somebody give this guy a Pultizer right now, because I am not allergic to roses, but I think I might be allergic to hard-hitting journalism. I feel a knowledge coma coming on!

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