THE OFFICE "The Meeting" Review (Season 6 Episode 2)

Is it me or is Michael extra cringe inducing this season on The Office? Last week he really screwed things up for Stanley's marriage and in this week's episode, "The Meeting," he nearly ruined Jim's chance at a big promotion by comparing him to Big Bird. Of course Michael was only thinking of himself because he's under the delusion that Jim is his best friend and he doesn't want to lose him (or Pam, or the baby). He even used the bad performance review Toby wrote when he had a crush on Pam and was jealous of Jim. That was pretty cold. At least in the end he did the right thing and allowed David Wallace to promote Jim.

So how do you think Jim is going to be as a co-manager? He does have a history of goofing off and not applying himself. But now that Jim is getting married and has a baby on the way, I think he's taking his job more seriously. The real question is if his coworkers will take him seriously as their new boss. I can't see Michael sharing power with anybody. This should be fun to watch.

Dwight and Toby playing detective and staking out Darryl's house in Dwight's Trans Am was pretty funny. I also liked Dwight saying, "It just doesn't add up" and taking off his glasses and looking into the camera in his best David Caruso impression. For me though, the best moment of the episode was Dwight's scream at the end. The look on his face when he realized Jim was getting promoted over him was priceless.

Some of my other favorite moments:

Michael sabotaging Jim and Pam's plan for a private wedding in Niagara Falls.

Andy trying to figure out if his cousin was flirting with him? Ewwwww.

"If we were in Sweden I wouldn't have to worry about this because we'd have universal health care." - Darryl

"I tried to keep Michael in the dark. I should have known he can do just as much damage in the dark." - Jim

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