Entourage Season 6, Episode 8: "The Sorkin Notes" - Recap

E treats Sloan somewhat rudely when she calls him at the office. Meanwhile, Ari comes into his office to see everyone standing around a passed out Andrew who is in his pajamas. He took two sleeping pills because his wife wouldn't let him in his house. But it's his day to sign Aaron Sorkin, and after his recent antics, it turns out it's his last chance to prove himself or he's gone.

Alan Cohen, the security guy recommended to Vince by Ari, comes by with an entourage of his own and outfits the house with cameras, bulletproof glass and more. The role-playing in different security breach scenarios that ensues is probably the only highlight of this episode.

Ari tries to find Andrew before the big meeting and finally tracks him down outside his house, as he's trying to get to get his notes from inside and Marlo won't let him set foot in the place. He pleads with her and as she becomes more and more hostile, he gets more and more desperate. Finally, as he watches her burn his notes which he claims are the key to his meeting, he turns his car around and drives it through the house. Back at the agency, Ari has to step in the Sorkin meeting, which is a disaster waiting to happen since Sorkin hates Ari. Lloyd busts into the meeting to inform them all that Andrew is calling...from jail.

E calls Sloan to say hi and apologize for being rude earlier in the day. She suggests they meet for a "friendly drink" later. As he pulls up in his car to meet Sloan, Ashley calls. As he runs away from Sloan who is arriving at the same time, Ashley tells him she misses him and wants him to come over. He tells her he'll call her shortly. Sloan says hi by calling him "buddy" and that upsets E. He leaves after telling her there's no point in being friends and since she doesn't know what she wants, he doesn't want to mess things up with Ashley in the meantime. He goes over to Ashley's and that's that.

Ari goes down to the county jail with Aaron Sorkin in tow. Apparently we're supposed to believe that he wants to meet with Andrew despite being behind bars. Andrew starts to give him his pitch, during which he falls flat on his face and admits that he can't remember any of his ideas and that he drove into his own house for him. Aaron sympathizes with him and says he had a rough divorce too. "We'll give it a shot" he says, and Andrew gets another chance. He puts his hand to the glass to high five Ari.

Back at the house, Alan Cohen tells the boys that an ID found in the couch may belong to the stalker. Could they have solved the mystery?

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Sep 2, 2009 10:54AM EDT

I was so proud of E telling off Sloan! I dont care how hot she is! You just cant take people for granted and expect them to always be there. Personally I think she just wanted to stop E from dating other people this whole time she was unsure of whether she wanted to date him or not. Whatever Sloane! Get it together or get off! Lol

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