'Ugly Betty' Review: Miss you much Season 4, Episode 10

On this week's "Ugly Betty," Matt and Betty have had enough, Mode changes hands (again), and Hilda lets everyone know who her daddy is.

"Metty" learns how to express their passion

It becomes clear from a Matt and Betty montage that they're hanging out a lot since they got back together in the last episode. When Betty finally gets a day alone, we learn that she's a bit over spending so much time with Matt. Of course, he sends over flowers and a card with an audible message: "Miss you much," repeated over and over. Betty decides she needs to find something else for Matt to pour his passion into other than her.

She decides to go to a gallery to pitch Matt's work as an emerging artist. Remember he painted? The gallery owner likes the painting she brought and goes with Betty to Matt's storage unit to look at others, but Matt arrives while they're there. As Betty is distracting Matt, the gallery owner finds some paintings she feels show a lot of passion. Betty leaves the gallery owner to pick out whatever she likes while she gets Matt out of there.

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