Human Target: "Embassy Row" Review Episode 3

So far, Human Target has shown an impressive ability to rehash old concepts in new ways. This episode gets us into the spy game, old school Cold War style, complete with grim-faced, tough Russians, tuxedos, and a hot spy chick in a red dress. On the surface, it would all seem pretty trite and overdone, but the cast and writers of this show skillfully make it into something that is fresh, funny, and just plain good TV.

The story starts off with a good chase scene, and an action show can never go wrong with a good chase. The plot quickly evolves from there, with a dying spy catcher using his last breaths to tell his brother the secret to the case he was working on. It turns out this guy was an acquaintance of Christopher Chance, so this time, the job is personal.

There are some nice, small story bits that help us learn more about our team. Chance's "friends and family" call plan is certainly unique - call the number and he knows your life is in danger. He also apparently has friends in high places from previous jobs, most notably the Secretary of Defense. These colorful characters have colorful pasts to match, and we're slowly learning about them in bits and pieces.

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