House: "Remorse" Review Season 6, Episode 11

As appropriate titles go, this one hit the mark. Remorse is one emotion Dr. House has difficulty with, but things were put into perspective when he met his newest case. Right off the bat, we were introduced to our patient of the week, a conniving business woman (Beau Garrett of Entourage) who may or may not have sabotaged her co-worker in order to get promoted. She came down with severe ear pain and her case was taken by Dr. House because, well, she's hot. Pretty soon, all of the doctors were fawning over her, all except Thirteen, who was immune to her manipulation. Thirteen was vindicated early on when lab tests proved the patient had no ability to process emotion. In short, she was a psychopath.

I was a bit disappointed in this episode because the commercials made it seem like the two women would have a battle with huge consequences and that the patient was far more devious than she actually was. Unfortunately, pitting her against Thirteen was the wrong choice. For completely sexist reasons, their catfights with one wearing a doctor's coat and the other a hospital gown was a gigantic missed opportunity, but that's beside the point.

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