Stargate Universe Episode 16: "Sabotage" Review

I won't try to hide my disappointment with this episode. It took a lot of good ideas and wasted their potential, a trend I'm starting to notice in every other SGU story. While I like where the story is going, how it gets there often feels ridiculously convenient to the point of contrivance.

The story starts off with a reflective Colonel Young thinking of what he's going to say to the crew about their supply situation and the unlikely chances of saving Eli, Chloe, and Lt. Scott. Then Rush drops another little bit of fun news: Destiny doesn't have enough power to make it between galaxies, and they'll need to bring in a FTL specialist from Earth to help figure things out. This is where the episode's main drama gets started with the introduction of Amanda Perry, a quadriplegic scientist transporting to the Destiny via our favorite plot device: the communication stones. Lt. James tries it first and can't handle the helplessness of being in that body, and then Camile Wray steps up like the tough gal she is and takes on the challenge.

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May 11, 2010 2:08PM EDT

Good review - like you I feel very, VERY shortchanged by the return of the three wanderers, out of the blue, fizz pop - oh there you are. Really badly written. And the thought of using other peoples bodies for sex is just nasty - something Dollhouse almost suffered from as well. It's a nasty idea. I liked that the quadraplegic was able to move again for the first time in years - that was a good piece of insight into what that kind of body exchange would be like (bearing in mind it's almost a medical science fantasy to 'grow' bodies for disabled people's minds to be put into) and I wondered if we were going to flirt with her being unwilling to give it up. Maybe we'll save that plot device for another time. And waste it as well. And I find it hilarious that all the gals are after Rush now - or at least all the clever ones on earth! Ach, Bobby Carlisle is a wee cutie, but I don't see him being quite such a babe magnet!All in all, a deeply unsatisfactory episode - and SGU again plunges down towards the deep water where the sharks swim....

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