'Modern Family' recap: What doesn't kill us makes us stronger

Umm, hello? Shel Turtlestein! Fliesaminnelli! Zsa Zsa Gaboa! Best pet names ever! This show is pure genius. Pure genius, I say! These fabulous names, plus a fantastic-looking Judy Greer as Phil's frisky ex-girlfriend, Denise. (You know Judy Greer, she's everybody's favorite go-to friend in almost every single romantic comedy - 27 Dresses? Check. 13 Going on 30? Check. The Wedding Planner? Check) I mean, come on. How does this show do it week after week? It just gets stronger and stronger. And speaking of getting stronger, on to Manny's sad-sack comment of the evening: 'Lots of stuff that doesn't kill you makes you weaker. ' Why does this little boy's wise-man depression make me laugh so much?

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