'Big Love' Creators Talk Writing for Nicki, Sissy Spacek, and Happy Ending for Sarah

The premiere of Big Love season 4 was met with neutral to positive reactions. That being said, things were rolled out pretty quickly on the HBO series, considering that it will only run for nine brief episodes. Such things include Nicki (Chloe Sevigny), who had so far been causing the most trouble among the wives; Bill's (Bill Paxton) senate bid; and Amanda Seyfried leaving the show.

For starters, Big Love creators Mark V. Olson and Will Scheffer told the Futon Critic that the Washington lobbyist role that went to Sissy Spacek will be "larger than life" especially seeing that Bill's candidacy will be a major storyline this season.

"We had written a 5-episode arc for a character," reveals Olson. "Once we thought of that and then thought of Sissy Spacek, the character just kind of jumped off the page and took on a complete life of her own." Adds Scheffer: "This is a chance for audiences to see Sissy Spacek in a way they've never seen her before."

"It was going to be a large part of the season," Scheffer previously tells the Los Angeles Times.

Another character which regularly jumps off the page is Nicki, and the writers admit that it's always a "blast" to write for her. "She's just a character with so much inner-thought play. She's not hard to write for."

That being said, Big Love season 4 will be "kind of rough" for Bill and Nicki, which is not so surprising. "Everyone's trying to help Bill and Nicki work through the sense of betrayal and distrust that has been created," he adds.

Finally, as for Seyfried, Olson assures Big Love fans that Sarah will have her "happy end." It might be "bittersweet" and she hasn't come to terms with polygamy, but it should still satisfy fans ultimately.

"She does learn to separate from her parents in their decision to entering into polygamy so she does have to leave. She can no longer be a part of this family unit but it's with a kind of maturity now and wisdom that I think is a very appealing episode where we launch her out into the world."

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