'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' - 'Don't Drink the Holy Water' Recap

Joe's putting in work at his new pizzeria while Teresa handles the details of her newborn daughter's wedding. She hires a videographer, photographer and Marie Antoinette sushi server via event planner Dina. Then it's onto the assemblage of hair poufs, frilly kid dresses, purses and little jewelry that will eventually comprise her three older daughters. You can't blame the guy when he starts to look like some animal probably did before it got killed and was made into his wife's Posche-bought coat.

When Teresa waves the designer baby shoes at Joe, it actually completely bypasses insult for injury. Maybe it's payback for Joe barely ambling out of bed when she was almost ready to pop the baby out. Whatever the case, the show really didn't need to produce several versions of Teresa's refrain about "going all out." It's in the encyclopedia next to "see bankruptcy."

More noteworthy: I'm mostly convinced that Kim G.'s house resembles a small New Jersey borough in size. It's also "interesting" (read: not out of character, but still bizarro) how Danielle has to vent to Danny ultra immediately after she learns of the Kim G. leak. Emergency diner call! At least Christine seems to have a good perspective on her mom, given her "nice family dinner" comment. She knows it's weird. She's also not afraid to knowingly tap her mom on the shoulder when the doctor answers that sex question Danielle had. Guess you can't hide much from the kids.

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