'Bachelorette' instant reaction: Wrestling with some bad news

Ali began the episode by chirping to the camera, I don't think anything could go wrong at this point! Which meant only one thing: Most. Dramatic. First 20 Minutes or So. Of The Bachelorette. Ever. It came as no surprise that some serious Justin stuff went down - we could tell that much from the teasers - but how it all went down was pretty much the reason we watch reality TV. You never know what's going to happen (or who's going to show up, or where producers will have cameras, or what audio tapes will be played, or how many places one can walk on hotel grounds to try to escape from cameras and accusations).

After all that, the rest of the trip to Turkey had a lot to live up to. And much of it didn't, though there were plenty of hints of trouble to come. Ty put in a fairly typical date's work - with one red-flag revelation. Frank continued his now-standard whining about having to share Ali with other guys while on a show that's about her dating him and a bunch of other guys - while also making veiled references to never being 100 percent sure about romantic choices. The group date involved olive-oil wrestling, which is really quite something, I must admit.

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