DM Welcomes New Boss, Amy Ryan Returning to 'The Office'

The Office is currently undergoing through a lot of changes, including a shakeup in the leadership that means saying goodbye to some very familiar names, such as David Wallace. With Scranton the only branch bringing in profits for Dunder Miflin, does this mean the other branches will also be rid of people? But what about Holly (Amy Ryan) who was transferred to Nashua?

Entertainment Weekly confirms that, if you're not so concerned with the when, Amy Ryan is "definitely" going back to The Office.

"I really want her to come back at some point, but there's nothing definite right now ," says Office big boss Greg Daniels. "But I have all the plans in the world to have her back. Michael needs to see her again. They have so much that's not resolved."

At the moment, however, Michael (Steve Carell) will have little time for Holly if she returns. At least, compared to all the goofing off they did on the DM picnic where they last saw each other. Thanks to the buyout, DM is welcoming a new boss, to be played by Kathy Bates.

"She's a larger than life character," Daniels tells E! Online. "She has two giant Great Danes that accompany her to the office, and she's very funny. Fantastic actress. We're very excited to have an Academy Award person on the show."

This should be something different, as David Wallace never really figured into anything substantial. His character didn't really stand out as anything other than a perfunctory one.

Is Bates' character a romantic prospect for Michael? Daniels doesn't say, but he promises that there is something "romantic for him" before the end of the year.

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