'Huge' premiere review: Is this a big improvement in overweight TV?

Raised to a higher standard than your usual ABC Family series on the strength of its performances and writing, Huge took a tricky, even controversial, premise and made a clever hour of it. Just when you thought pop culture had fallen in line with the socially-correct stance toward obesity - roughly speaking, that would be “Shed the pounds or be the Biggest Loser!” - along comes Huge to suggest that the so-called “fat acceptance” movement makes a good point.

Huge has a great asset in its star, Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray), who plays Willamina, or Will, a teen sent by her parents to a summer weight-loss camp. Nikki doesn’t want to be there; resents the rah-rah, burn-calories positivism of Camp Victory, and started running a black-market in hard candy and chocolate. Like a lot of TV teens, Will is sullen and sarcastic. Unlike a lot of TV teens, she’s given a motivation for her mood: Will has been forced by most of the people around her to think of herself as a loser when, she knows she’s not. That would make anyone angry, and Blonsky has the delicate skill to make Will’s anger take the forms of both sincerity and a funny sarcasm.

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