24: The Enemy Within

The first two hours of any 24 season has always been the one that sets almost everything up: the target, the threat, and the people going against the threat. And, of course, the personal stakes--in this case, Jack Bauer settling down and flying to Los Angeles with Kim, only to find himself sucked into an assassination attempt. So, watching those two hours of scrambling felt more like revisiting an old friend rather than seeing someone born.

What I'm interested in is the new CTU. The only familiar face there is Chloe--and she's obviously struggling to keep up. Her exasperated face is adorable in a way, sure, but it also is annoying--but only if you consider that everyone there seems to be so caught up with themselves. New working culture, yes. Another enemy? Perhaps.

We're just two hours into the day but what I'm seeing is a pretty rigid CTU. New boss Brian Hastings is hard-nosed and dedicated, but looks like he's too busy making sure no mess is created, so much that he asks idealistic Cole Ortiz to keep his observations on that missile attack kept secret. (As an aside, kudos to Freddie Prinze Jr. for making a quick transition. I thought it'd take a while for me to see him as a CTU agent believable, but no.) Hastings also seems too busy taking Chloe down. "Not used to this? Then get used to it!" That's what he's saying.

And I haven't started with Dana's past from what seems to be the Witness Protection Program. Err, Jenny.

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