The Good Guys: "Bait & Switch" Review Episode 2

Compared the the disappointing pilot, I'm happy to say the second episode, (what they're calling the "series premiere") of The Good Guys is simply an all-around better hour of television. It wasn't perfect, but it felt a little looser than the pilot and both lead characters, Dan Stark (Bradley Whitford) and Jack Bailey (Colin Hanks) seemed to be having a lot more fun. Plus, the show's strategic use of flashbacks continues to help the mysteries unfold in a more interesting way than your standard buddy cop show.

Once again, Dan and Jack began the episode on a routine investigation (a broken window) that spiraled into a much bigger deal: a case involving stuffy English thieves looking to ship their warehouse full of stolen vintage American cars overseas for big profits. Sparked by the broken window case, the partners discovered the stolen car ring and asked Kiersten, the Task Force leader (Lauren Stamile from Community) for a "bait" car (hence the title) to set up a sting. She denied their request for the car, so Stark and Bailey had to work outside the system, using Stark's own classic Trans-Am as bait. Not surprisingly, the car was quickly stolen.

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