Review: Fringe - Snakehead Season 2, Episode 9

Another creature feature! We're sort of in a "pattern," if you will, with Fringe alternating creature episodes with alternate universe episodes. It's ok, though. I probably wouldn't want all alternate universe episodes. Would you?

Wow, though. Those creatures were seriously freaky. That opening scene, among others, just made me cringe. I'm just now getting my appetite back. But this episode was more about Walter and Peter than the creatures.

Another standout performance by John Noble, who managed to display just about every emotion known to man: glee, sadness, fright, compassion, delight, you name it. That scene where he's in Chinatown and can't remember Peter's phone number, nor the fact that he had the numbers in his pocket, was just heartbreaking.

Likewise when Peter went to pick Walter up and started getting after him about not remember the numbers in his pocket, but then realized that Walter is still very much a child, despite his longing to be independent. Also loved the scene where Walter sees Astrid back at the lab and realizes what she's been through. Standout performances by all.

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Dec 5, 2009 1:54PM EST

Great job by all, very emotional. Those worms were creepy, Grea CGI effects

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