Review: FlashForward - A561984 Episode 10

I knew FlashForward was headed toward a hiatus, but I didn't expect it to be here so soon. Thankfully, this was one of the best episodes of the season so far, pushing things dramatically forward for most of the characters and the blackout mystery, as well. We also gained more insight, and thus more confusion, about Simon and his motives.

There won't be any new episodes until March 2010, which coincidentally (or more likely, not coincidentally) is when Demetri is supposed to die, according to the Persian woman on the phone. When the show returns, will its internal continuity have jumped forward three months, as well? I have a feeling it will.

I think more may have happened in this hour than has happened in the last seven or eight episodes. Let's dig into it.

I'll back off my claim that Mark is a jackass; maybe he was just having a bad day. He really proved himself a solid friend and partner this episode, taking the fall completely for the trip he and Demetri took to China. Unfortunately, he remains as impulsive as ever, reacting on emotion over thought a lot of the time. He handled the restaurant owner just fine in tracking down our Persian, named Nhadra Udaya, but when it came to handling her directly, he came unhinged.

It was a pretty stunning revelation from Udaya that it will be Mark that kills Demetri, and with the gun he had on him at the time. Later, though, Mark was stripped of his badge and gun and effectively booted off the FBI for his actions in taking Udaya hostage for a brief time. Turns out, he probably should have found a way to hang onto her, as she clearly has a direct connection to D. Gibbons.

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