Review: Parks and Recreation - The Fourth Floor Season 2, Episode 11

Since it's December and it's time for all of those end of the year lists, can I just say that Aziz Ansari is one of my favorite people on television right now? Everything that he does as Tom Haverford is completely amazing, and every time he speaks, I just want more of him on the screen.

Even though I was dismayed to find out that Tom and Wendy have a Green Card marriage (I kind of wanted the creepy little dude to win just once and get the hot wife), I like how they've stretched out the storyline and have really made it into something interesting. It's been slow, but each time we see something about it, it's a nice little payoff. First we had the Halloween episode in which we saw, once again how adorable Tom and Wendy actually are together, along with first being introduced to the horrifying potential of a Wendy/Ron Swanson relationship.

I was actually taken a little off guard when their marriage ended with such little fanfare, but I like how they just snuck it in there and had Leslie find out by accident. However, the thing that caught me really off guard was learning to what extent Tom and Wendy were really faking their marriage. I don't know why, but I just assumed that since they had been married for so long that even though it was fake, there was some affection, so when Tom said that they had never even kissed, I felt really badly for the little guy.

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