Review: Community - The Politics of Human Sexuality Episode 11

Annie's a unicorn! Well, sorta. Actually, it's more complicated than that. And after Annie explained things, I was even more confused.

Another solid episode; this show is really in its groove right now. The new relationship Jeff has established with Britta; the one without him trying to get into her pants every week, or her accusing him of it every week; is really working for me. I like this group more as a bunch of friends than a group of potential hook-ups. At least for awhile.

Pierce took center stage in one of the three stories juggled this week, revealing to Jeff that he can score a hot chick. Even better, challenging Jeff to do the same. Annie got involved in helping Greendale throw its STD Ball, which went as well as you'd expect. And Troy and Abed -- this may be the best comedy duo on TV since J.D. and Turk.

Taking it back to Annie and the girls for a minute, though, the unicorn comment came from Shirley when she thought Annie was a virgin. It turns out Annie did have sex, but she's still never actually seen a penis. I'm going to take a page from the episode and use the "p-word" to take away some of its negative power.

As part of the presentation at the ball, Annie was going to show the proper use of a condom on an anatomically correct dummy. So she and the girls broke into the Dean's office, so she could get a proper gander at one. How come it's the simplest, and sometimes the most stereotypical jokes, that force a quick laugh. When Annie asked if the penis on the dummy was bigger than average, Britta said yes and Shirley said no. So simple, so funny.

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