Review: 30 Rock - Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001 Season 4, Episode 7

I wonder how 30 Rock will handle today's deal with Comcast. I'm sure Tina Fey and the rest of the writers are already working on an episode or two about the takeover. They've already had a plot this season about budget cuts and other network moves, and I think this could be one of those weird times where a real-life event is closely tied into a fictional TV show and can actually re-energize the show in some way. That's going to be an interesting plot to watch.

Of course, the real question is, how will all of this affect the Sheinhardt Wig Company?

Can we discuss a little bit why this show insists that Liz Lemon isn't attractive? Maybe it's Fey being self-deprecating, but I believe in the time-traveling on Lost more than I believe that in real life anyone could think that she's not attractive. Come on, Lemon/Fey is beautiful. But now we see that in an HD close-up, she looks like a witch about to be pushed into a cauldron of boiling water. But even that wasn't the most disturbing image of Liz this episode. That would go to Frank, who was put in charge while Liz was doing the Dealbreakers show and started to talk like her and dress like her, right down to her hair style. But Frank/Liz looked like ...Penn Jillette.

Speaking of Dealbreakers, does this mean that plot is now over, that Liz won't be the host of such a talk show? So Banks gets his way, even if the opening credits will be seen in the background of all Sheinhardt Wig/Universal soap operas (nice cameo from Bo and Hope from Days of Our Lives). It makes sense. I guess you don't want Liz taking on a whole new career. That would ruin the whole Liz/Jack/TGS dynamic. It could be funny to see Liz turn into another Jenna, but they handled that pretty thoroughly in this episode, from Liz saying words oddly to Jenna helping Jack with Liz's changes to Liz locking herself in her dressing room, so it's probably good that the Dealbreakers success stops with the book. Get Liz back full-time in the writer's room.

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