Recap Guiding Light: Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In Shayne's new room at the hotel where Remy lived, Shayne fiercely did arm curls until his back surged in pain. Dinah let herself in and commented that his lock was broken. She noted that Shayne hadn't called her back the previous night when she'd needed someone to talk to about Bill. Shayne seemed detached, and Dinah wondered what she had done to get the cold treatment from him. Shayne explained that he wasn't another project for her to fix. Dinah had enjoyed confiding in Shayne because she had felt they understood each other. Upon leaving, she concluded that it must have been one-sided.

While jogging by the lake, Jeffrey discovered Shayne's washed up medal. He made his way to Company, where Billy and Reva were eating at the counter. Jeffrey wondered if Reva intended to see Shayne soon. Reva worried about crowding Shayne, but she seemed hopeful that her son had "turned a corner." Roc Hoover arrived, and, after exchanging pleasantries with Reva and Billy, Roc asked Jeffrey if they still needed to talk. A curious Reva wondered what the meeting was about, but Jeffrey kissed her goodbye without explanation. After he left with Roc, Reva suspected that Jeffrey was up to something. Alone with Roc, Jeffrey said he needed a second opinion about something before it blew up in his face.

Sometime later, Jeffrey took Shayne to the McAvoy Center, a place for troubled youth. He said he could get Shayne a volunteer job there, since he knew that Shayne liked to make a difference. Shayne wondered why he was offering it, and Jeffrey said that, with all Reva had to worry about, he didn't want her worrying about Shayne, too. If the volunteer job was unsuitable for Shayne, Jeffrey intended to keep trying things until something clicked. He thought that Shayne might be able to find himself there, but he warned Shayne that some of the teens were violent and troubled. "I'm in," Shayne readily decided.

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