'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: Guess Who's Baaaack! Season 9, Episode 11

This is--no pun intended--a pretty heavy episode of The Biggest Loser: Couples. Two contestants return to the ranch. Two contestants find themselves in a position nobody wants to be in. And a fan tells us about how his life changed thanks to the show. But first, to the ranch, and to really odd events.

Welcome back to... We are saying a big hello to the previously eliminated contestants this week, as Alison gives them a chance to return to the ranch for another shot at the competition. (Migdalia was a no-show: she chose to stay at home since her husband is serving duty in Iraq. Sir, we salute you.) Everybody weighs in first, but in a twist, the person with the most weight loss isn't the one going back: it's the person who gets voted in by those who are still in the ranch. Cue really emotional pleas from the contestants.

Cherita was the only one who didn't plea for herself: she decided to campaign for her daughter, Victoria, to return to the ranch. The vote came down between her and John (he who weighed a quarter of a ton, remember him?) but in the end, it was Vicky who returned to the ranch. I'm really happy for her--she was eliminated twice, remember? She finally gets a chance.

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