'Better Off Ted' Sneak Peek: Next week's Season 2 Premiere - Featured

Actually, two sneak peeks of the Better Off Ted season premiere! The first clip shows what you should do if you ever blurt out something in bed that you shouldn't (and why you should learn a bit of geography first) and the second clip (after the jump) shows what happens if a coworker reveals a little bit about himself.

I'm so glad ABC renewed this show. The season premiere airs next Tuesday at 9:30.

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Dec 4, 2009 6:20PM EST

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Default avatar cat
Dec 4, 2009 6:54PM EST

Better off ted is awesome. I dont get how people can ignore these hilarious shows but garbage like the hills keep getting renewed? I'm glad this got another season. I love the episode with the new security system the didnt detect black people, so they hire a white guy to follow each black employee, but then can't only hire white guys because of destriminating hiring practices, so they hire a black guy to follow the white guy who is following the black guy.

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