Tim Gunn Hints at 'Project Runway' Season 7

It's finale night tomorrow for Project Runway, but of course the designing madness doesn't end there. Another season will soon premiere, introducing us to a quirky new batch of designers with (hopefully) out-of-this-world fashions. And what better way to find out about the show's seventh installment than to hear it straight from Tim Gunn?

On an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the fashion guru revealed what's in store for the show next year and looked back on the challenges this season had to face. There's the move from New York to LA, as well as the move from Bravo to Lifetime. With that comes the move from season 6 to 7 as well.

Project Runway's location change had an important effect on the challenges this season, and Tim Gunn explained why. "It was completely different," he said. "We had opportunities that we wouldn't have in New York: The Emmy red carpet, that's not going to happen here. We had our beach challenge."

As for moving to Lifetime, the style mentor declared, "Lifetime and Bunim/Murray had such respect for the show. [...] But they really wanted things to change as little as possible because the viewers were so up in arms about the move and anticipating that the show would be completely different."

But with all that comes another wave of change, and it comes in the form of a beginning. Filming for season 7 began last May, giving us something to look forward to soon. Like Tim Gunn himself blowing his top, maybe?

"I think everyone's going to love Season 7. Also, I can tell you that it is the season of the man's scarf," Tim hinted. "It's also the season of the sashay -- no one other than me moves with any degree of urgency. No matter what, they sashay. I don't even have the adequate words to describe how mad and frustrated I would get."

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