'Lost' Recap: Jin, Sun and a Special Package Season 6, Episode 10

Previously on Lost: Charles Widmore returned to the Island to get Flocke, Sawyer and Kate made plans of their own, Richard got a message from his dead wife about stopping Flocke, and Sun and Jin have been separated since the Kahana exploded back in season 4.

This week's episode, "The Package," is all about Jin and Sun, which is good because there's no such thing as a bad Jin and Sun-centric episode.

Oddly, the episode starts with night vision goggles staring at Flocke's camp. That's not good. Flocke has a nice chat with Jin, revealing once again that he has no idea which Kwon is the Candidate, but that all the Candidates must leave the Island together, otherwise they can't leave. Flocke also has a talk with Claire, revealing that Kate's name is now scratched out on the cave wall, so that after she helps gets the others on the plane to leave the Island, he doesn't care what Claire might do to the woman who stole her bay-bay.

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