Sneak Peek - Supernatural 6.03 ''The Third Man''

Everything that fans have been waiting to see thus far in season 6 (the Impala back on the road, the brothers hunting together again, Castiel!) will finally all be back together in the new episode set to air on October 8. So, apparently, will the shirtless Padalecki pull-up scene (according to this promo we've posted for the October 8 episode). And so help me if they fail to follow through on showing us that again. Supernatural...what a tease.

Like I said, Castiel returns on October 8 to bring a little bit of angel mystery back into Sam and Dean's lives. Slowly but surely the show seems to be getting back into the grove of earlier seasons after the great divide between Sam and Dean's new lives after Sam went to Hell.

Check out promo photos for the October 8 episode that we've previously posted and catch up with our recap and review of episode 6.02 if you happened to miss the episode on Friday. Then take a look at the sneak peek below from The CW, which heralds the return of Cas. Oh, Misha, you've been missed.



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