Stephanie Pratt Temporarily Leaves 'The Hills' for Rehab

Even though it's Holly Montag who's known to have a drinking problem on The Hills, Stephanie Pratt is sharing the same problem in real life. reports that last Friday, the 23-year-old reality celebrity pleaded not guilty to a DUI allegation. During her stay in the Los Angeles court, she was told to enroll in a 30-day residential rehab facility as a consequence.

We reported last month that Stephanie Pratt was arrested for driving home inebriated after attending co-star Holly Montag's birthday party. She deeply regretted being detained, but found that it was a lesson she needed to learn.

Spending a few hours behind bars, the Hills star felt truly defeated and almost broke down. She revealed her thoughts to FOX News, recalling how dreadful the experience was for her.

"The first four hours of jail my head was down, I was hunched over telling the cops 'you don't know what this is doing to me," Pratt explained. "My parents are just going to freak out.' I felt awful and I was sobering up. It wasn't like I was passed out and got to sleep. I was up for nine hours thinking about what I had done. "

She went on to say that some time later, she realized the gravity of her actions and how she simply had to be strong and take responsibility for her mistakes. "The next five hours I was thinking, 'This isn't going to defeat me, you're strong enough. You're not going to mess up. It's a blessing that you've got this time to get it together."

Part of rebuilding her life would be to endure the 30 days she's been ordered to complete in rehab, and hopefully she'll have a positive attitude about that as well. "I thought my life was going to be over."

"Then one of my best friends called me and was like 'Stephanie you have two choices right now, you can go and F up because you're so upset or you can have a good attitude. Right now, this is a test.' And so that day I just kind of came out of it and said today's the day," she said. "Just, everything amazing is happening and I'm learning so much."

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