The Simpsons Episode Recap: "Rednecks and Broomsticks"

The Simpsons are on their way back from their weekend vacation at the "Snowed Inn." On the way back, the kids get bored and play the extremely annoying game "Bonk It." For 500+ plus miles all Homer and Marge hear is the game saying inane phrases like "bonk it, twist it, pull it etc." Homer finally has enough and throws the game out the window, but the plan backfires when a dad from another car has the same idea and throws the same toy into the Simpsons car where the kids start to play again. Homer then grabs the toy and breaks it - as he's doing this he is completely unaware that he has entered into the oncoming lane and is about to get hit by a semi.

The scene then cuts to a frozen pond where an adorable Bambi-like deer and Thumper-like rabbit are playing. Awwww...then cut to Homer running them over. Boo. Homer and family are now trapped on the ice until Cleatus saves them.

Cleatus takes the Simpsons back to his house where they are introduced to moonshine, roadkill dinner, guns, and a bunch of slack-jawed yokels. Homer begins to hang out with Cleatus and his moonshine friends. Cleatus discovers that Homer has a gift of judging the many subtle tastes in moonshine, so Cleatus recruits Homer to help him in his search of the best moonshine...via a Sideways parody. They both attend the "Moonshine Under the Moon Festival," but it is broken up when the cops crash their party. The moonshiners throw all their moonshine stills over the cliff, into the river.

While Homer and Cleatus are away, Lisa and the yokel kids play hide and seek, but Lisa hides a little too well and gets lost. On her way back to the house, she stumbles across three practicing Wiccans (one voiced by Neve Campbell). At first Lisa is skeptical of witchcraft, but becomes more open minded the following day when she isn't finished with her pipe cleaner art project and is afraid she will fail. At that moment, a substitute teacher shows up and it is announced that she will be filling in for a sick Ms. Hoover, and everyone gets an automatic "A" on their art project. Lisa believes that the Wiccans cast a spell on Ms. Hoover so that she would pass her art project.

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