The Office Season 6, Episode 5: "Niagara" - Recap

In this episode of The Office, the staffers travel to Niagara Falls to celebrate Jim and Pam's nuptials, but no one must mention Pam's pregnancy. Michael, Dwight and Andy seek lusty liaisons with wedding guests, and it's double trouble when Michael and Dwight encounter twins.

I love when people use vomit as a tool. Go Pam - and Andy, for that matter...Then Meredith and Angela. I cannot tell you how many times I've smelled a re-heated fish sandwich (or something of the sort) in my office. Showing your sensory disapproval is, after all, better than telling.

An entire office closed for a wedding? I think not - but I'll suspend disbelief. I care about it that much. Even if Angela doesn't.

Michael, Dwight, Andy - We all know these guys, right? The minute they get the inkling that it's a "boys' weekend," all heck breaks loose. You got to love it though, right? I mean, after a decade of Sex and the City woman-isms, it's nice to see men being men again. But Michael's portrayal is a little bit too...real, isn't it? Borderline piggish, but overall pathetically charming nonetheless.

Watching Pam and Jim drive to the wedding, I still cannot believe that it's actually happening. After all that they've been through, this just still seems so...I don't know. I was thinking that the Pam and Jim wedding would be Princess Diana-style, but this seems so Pennsylvania.

Every time Michael compares himself to Jesus, it just makes me smile. Offensive? Perhaps. Offensively delicious!

Extended family gatherings make me cringe. I just think of my genetic pool, and I'd die if we had cameras at the next family wedding, especially if all of my "office friends" were in attendance. But Dwight at the kids' table, Kevin "with" Oscar and Michael yearning to speak - it's classically uncomfortable! Thank you for going through this, Jim and Pam, so I hopefully don't have to.

Do you have "Florida cousins"? I do, and I hope they're not reading this. Blech! Sick! Take a hint!

And then there's Jim speech. Perhaps Andy said it best with his tears. "I knew I was waiting for my wife." Cheesy, yes...but touching in the best sort of way. Yet the love-fest is quickly dissipated by Jim's rambling tongue, his crazy grandma's idealism, and Michael's description of "unblocked" sexual expression. This is one family affair I am glad to have missed. I hated Bruno too, Grandma - don't feel like the only one!

OMFG! Dwight: The wolf shirt... and the fish fry!? I'm from the Midwest, so you do not know how real that is. Every time I went to The Tavern's all-you-can-eat fish fryer evening, I cannot tell you how many neon Native American animal T-shirts I saw.

I wish I could go dancing with Meredith in West Hollywood. I really do. She's that kind of tragic friend who's a rocking good time on the dance floor - and just rocking crazy off of it!

Andy's ripped sac? Classic. And classy, to boot!

Kevin's shoes being destroyed for their smell? So random, yet so funny. I mean, hotels do the craziest things. Yet that's beyond crazy, and yet I still believe it. Kevin smells. We all know that, even from afar.

Even though everyone is being freaky in the pews (special props to Meredith for her "injured crotch" camaraderie!), it's the Jim and Pam wedding and you know everything's going to go wrong! And yet, even though it does, we have the two of them in some make-shift kindergarten classroom exchanging sweet nothings. Is it cheesy? Yes. But is it touching? Even more so. (Do these kind a relationships exist? I mean, exist for real? Man, I hope so for all of us! One day, right?)

Pam and Jim are running away, and I'm 34820380948% for it! Granted, I've never been married, but how does one go through the "I do" ceremony in front of all those people? I couldn't, so their running is completely understandable to me. Keep running, you two!

A wedding dance break? Shut your face! I'd pay money to be part of this. A wedding dance break that turns into a montage of happiness, music and wide-shots of merriment?! It's one of those TV moments that doesn't entertain, so much as invite. We all feel a part of the Pam and Jim phenomenon. Really, I don't know what I expected from the wedding, but it was what it was. In true Office fashion, the wedding was unapologetically what it was.

Godspeed, you two. I'm nervous for what's to come, but Godspeed! Here's to (hopefully) a great season of post-wedding bliss!

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