The Vampire Diaries Episode 5: "You're Undead to Me" - Recap

Bringing a number of plot lines to a head, "You're Undead to Me" featured the Diaries characters staring harsh realities directly in the face. The episode also went a long way in proving there are plenty of interesting characters besides Ian Somerhalder's Damon by using him sparingly and minimizing his trademark energy and wit.

What We Learned

- Since Damon's imprisonment, Warden Stefan has confiscated his ring (that means no time in the yard), and unless he's permitted to feed, Damon's powers will dwindle and he'll become a living corpse. The board will consider parole in 150 years with good behavior.

- Jeremy and Vicki are officially together. It's finally happened! Now Jeremy will be happy, right? Of course he won't.

- Zack's been drinking vervain in his coffee for 16 years. Also, Damon's only left him alive because, "someone had to mow the lawn."

- An older man recognizes Stefan at the Mystic Grill and Elena hears the man say, "You haven't aged a day."

- The group we saw at the end of "Family Ties" hasn't given up their crusade to rid Mystic Falls of the creatures they believe have returned to their town. Sheriff Forbes has been searching the wilderness and abandoned buildings in the area but to no avail.

- In an attempt to open the lines of communication with Elena, Stefan comes over to cook her dinner. As he makes chicken parmesan, he tells her about Katherine. Despite seeing tremendous good in her appearance, personality and laugh, he also calls her, "entitled, selfish, and impulsive." Whether Damon was with Katherine first or not, Stefan doesn't know. However, he's not proud of the way he reacted and always regretted not making things right before she died.

- Jeremy's starting to think that the only thing he and Vicki have in common is drugs. He does remember being her dealer, right? But it turns out Jeremy just might be onto something. When the two do make an effort to get out his bedroom, Vicki takes Jeremy to hang with some friends in the graveyard. Her friends are the type of people Jeremy usually refers to as customers

- And now, speed dating with Stefan Salvatore! He loves both Gatsby and Grisham, believes I Love Lucy trumps Seinfeld, loves the works of Scorsese, can listen to Kanye or Miley and loves garlic.

- Elena bumps into the older man from the Mystic Grill at a school fundraiser. He tells her how he first encountered Stefan Salvatore and his brother Damon in June of 1953 just after the death of their Uncle Joseph, a victim of an animal attack.

- Elena tries to coax the name "Uncle Joseph" out of Stefan but when he's not forthcoming, she decides she's done asking questions. Deciding to find the answers herself, Elena uses Aunt Jenna's budding relationship with newscaster Logan Fell to gain access to the archives at his station.

- Damon uses what little power he has left to draw Caroline to him and make her release him.

- Zack's dead! Fighting to keep Caroline safe, he attempts to take down his undead ancestor. Even in a weakened state, Damon is stronger and he snaps Zack's neck.

- Jasmine Guy was introduced, albeit briefly, as Bonnie's Grandmother, who she visits after setting fire to water.

- At the news station, Elena finds an old report in their digital archives. It features a familiar face in the background of the on-location report, a story about the death of Joseph Salvatore.

- About that news report, Logan and the reporter in 1953 have something in common beyond just the job description. They also share the same last name, Fell.

- The second he sees that Zack is dead and Damon is gone, Stefan grabs a stake and heads for the door.

- If only Elena hadn't been there to question him, maybe Stefan could have stopped another "animal attack." The victim? Vicki. After the vervain, the drugs in her blood stream are going to be a pleasure.


It seemed like this episode was designed to bring a number of dangling threads together. Characters and storylines were taken to a new level.

I believe "You're Undead to Me" will be the episode many point to as the one that changed everything. Zack's dead, Logan charmed his way into Aunt Jenna's home, Bonnie sought advice from Gramms, Elena knows there's something supernatural about her boyfriend and Damon's done being the nice guy.

What did you think? Did the story continue to pull you in or are you losing interest?

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