'The Office' Season 7 Spoilers: Who Will Replace Michael Scott?

The BuddyTV users have spoken: As far as you're concerned, there is no Office without Steve Carell. And I'm inclined to agree. Is it really Dunder-Mifflin as we know it--or want to know it--without Michael Scott in that regional manager's office? Nope. No. Not a chance.

But does NBC feel the same way? Nosiree. And now we've got more details, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, about how the network plans to set up and deal with Carell's inevitable exit, including upcoming guest stars and the season-long search for Michael Scott's replacement. Read the deets on season 7 below:

The Big Picture

If you want to know who's going to replace Michael Scott right this instant, you're out of luck. THR says the Office producers probably won't decide who it's gonna be until around when season 7 wraps--but by the end of the season, we WILL know who will replace Michael as regional manager.

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