Survivor Samoa: Finding Humor in the Worst of Episodes

The past few episodes may have seemed humorless and soggy on the surface, but they were actually full of funny moments. In case you're having more trouble spotting real joy in these episodes than Shambo on a chicken hunt, let me point out a few moments that really made me laugh.

Jaison butchered another topic at Tribal Council. When he tried to explain his culpability in the challenge loss it sounded like he was trying to explain his involvement in Watergate. Jaison must have been the kid who "talked funny" in elementary school because his parents had him reading Profiles in Courage instead of Where the Wild Things Are. I say this with love, but he probably ran twenty pages over the limit writing his third grade geography report on Canada. He's just that guy.

Can you imagine Jaison trying to explain, well, almost anything? For example - Jaison, what kind of cookies do you look? "I favor the recipe for chocolate chip cookies found on page 382 of the Joy of Cooking, 17th edition. This is for two reasons. First, as a former resident of California I believe it's very important to support the local walnut economy. Walnuts are an important crop that provide hundreds of dirt farmers with the opportunity to pursue a living in these uncertain times. Second, I have found through extensive experimentation that the ratio of the ingredients works best if the amount of vanilla extract is increased to bring out the natural subtleties of the brown sugar. Thank you."


On another note, Russell has lost a lot of weight in his face but the cartilage in his ears hasn't shrunk. So his ears seem to get bigger every week. Since Russell is the biggest liar on earth your first thought might be that his nose should be growing. But you've got to remember, when Pinocchio drank alcohol and misbehaved his ears grew really long and he turned into a donkey. Is Russell turning into a jackass before our very eyes?

And another thing. What was with Dave's comment about how he planned to spend the day wenching, grogging and more wenching? First of all, those aren't verbs. But second of all, I'm looking around and the only women there were Monica, Kelly and Shambo. Which of them did he plan to do the wenching with? Which did he plan to do more wenching with? And did they know that? Somehow I can't imagine being Dave's wench was a fantasy for any of the women present. I'm sure Shambo would look great in a leather corset, though!

A few more thoughts: Why was Erik doing a confessional peaking out from inside a bush? He looked like Bill Irwin. Did Russell really laugh like a huge nerd when Laura tried to discuss religious doctrine with him? I've never heard The Evil One sound uncertain of himself but I think he felt as though he had parsley stuck in his teeth. And would it have helped me with this week's immunity challenge that I once spent ten straight hours in the back of a station wagon picking up magnetic bass and with a little fishing game?

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