Survivor's Liz: "I Was a Serious Threat"

With only five players remaining, the Foa Foa tribe on Survivor: Samoa had little more than a wing, a prayer and Russell's idol to push the tribe through to a win. Unfortunately, after losing Thursday's reward and immunity challenges, it was Liz Kim that had her flame put out at tribal council. The 33-year-old attorney talked with us about confronting her team's "demoralizing" track record and dealing with her "chauvinistic pig" of a tribe leader, and shared her surprising predictions for who from Foa Foa will and will not make it to the merge.

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Oct 31, 2009 12:40AM EDT

I was disappointed to see Liz go, I wanted her to win honestly.. I really hate Russell, he's an idiot and I can't see how no one sees that yet. Liz was stronger than Natalie, stronger than Jaison, and she was really a threat imo.. In the challenge, she got 5 of the plastic fish, Natalie got 1.. And at the end of the challenge Jaison just gave up cause he was too tired, which he's done before in the previous swimming challenge, although apparently he was an Olympic water polo player? I dunno, but I think having a multi-millionaire in Russell is a mistake in itself, sure there are plenty of deserving people for the spot, even though he won't win.. I think the 'trying to shake up the game' thing is a little old.

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