'Top Chef' recap: Love is in the air Season 7, Episode 5

Last night's Top Chef was all about love, but not the fuzzy, melt-your-heart kind. No, yesterday we saw the less attractive side of love with everything from predator behavior (Angelo) to venereal disease (crabs). The latter may have been just a way to segue to a quickfire about crabs, but when Angelo said, I had crabs, so it just brought back bad memories, I couldn't tell if he was serious. There's a good chance he was trying to make a joke, which as we all could've guessed, means he doesn't know how to.

We saw Angelo's crush on Tamesha fleshed out a bit more last night, but he really just looked like a man with a white van, if you catch my drift. Calculated power play? Probably. But this is also the guy who sexually characterizes his food, so anything goes.

Elsewhere, thank god for Tiffany and Ed's innocent budding romance, a PG alternative to Angelo's overbearing game. It would be a nice change of pace to see a couple unite on TC in sweet, traditional ways, rather than, say, cheat on their significant others back home (Hosea). TC is no Jersey Shore, so I like to see things kept clean.

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