'Persons Unknown' - 'The Way Through' Recap Episode 3

Let's say you're trapped in a small town with a group of people. You've tried to get out of the town but it's surrounded by an invisible fence that fries you with microwaves if you touch it. Let's say you all get the great idea to go under the fence. You spend a week digging a tunnel. Question: what do you wear?

Well, if you're trapped in Mayberry 2.0 like the 'Persons Unknown' group, the guys wear suits and the women wear nice clothes.

OK, so they didn't all wear suits and nice clothes, but Mr. Jerky and Hot Blonde did, and it just seemed odd to me, getting all dirty and sweaty from a week's worth of digging. You have a whole store filled with free duds, people!

But I have to hand it to this show, how it keeps adding some new plot twists that actually make the show more intriguing and not more tedious, like a lot of these short-lived mystery shows seem to be. I don't know if that will stay true for the entire 13 episode run, but it's been true for the first three episodes. The show could have easily gotten stale by now, just repeating the same old scenarios with different people. But the booby trap in the tunnel? The video popping up on the TV? The private eye having the files of all of the people on his computer (along with info about payment from someone)? All good developments.

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