ROOKIE BLUE ''Big Nickel'' Review Episode 10

ROOKIE BLUE episode 10, Big Nickel was about making friends. Ray the prisoner tries to make friend with Swarek and McNally. Nash and Diaz get friendlier with Jerry and Dov and Gail bond over nakedness. Sort of.

It started and ended with the rookies in the shooting range. In the morning they could barely hit their targets, in the evening they could. How did they accomplish such a feat in such a sort amount of time? Angst and arcs.

All of the characters went through some sort of arc. The cases were built around the characters, as opposed to vice versa.

Diaz is still annoyed at Gail who is still annoyed that he turned in her brother’s partner (though you have to love her delivery of: “That’s the pair you grew?”). The entire episode felt like something from 90210, which is not always a bad thing. I just mean that everyone has some angsty issue bottled up inside and this was episode that bottle was uncapped (well, except for Gail, who ended up alone and forlorn).

In the episode it seems McNally and Callaghan’s relationship is still as icy awkward as ever. Her and Swarek are eager to keep distance. Of course she ends up on prisoner transfer duty with tall dark and handsome himself.

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