Five 'Futurama' Characters That Should Get Their Own Spin-Off

There are few animated series that have been resurrected from cancellation. 'Family Guy' is one; 'Futurama' is another.

'Family Guy' went on to become so popular, it got a spin-off in 'The Cleveland Show.' Could 'Futurama,' which starts a brand new season this coming week, follow suit? If so, which supporting character would be the centerpiece and main attraction?

Let's postulate, shall we? Here are the top five characters I would have star in a hypothetical 'Futurama' spin-off, in no particular order.

Robot Santa, the Chanukah Zombie and KwanzaaBot. What works better for a roommate comedy than two robots and a zombie? They could share an apartment in New New York. It would be like 'Three's Company,' but it could be called 'Holy Trinity' and have more homicide. Plus Chanukah Zombie is voiced by Mark Hamill. What's not to love?

Lrrr and Ndrd of Omicron Persei 8. Imagine a family sitcom about planetary royalty and the problems they have. It's 'Dynasty' meets 'All In The Family.' Perhaps the couple could have children (that they did not eat), who'd engage in various hijinks and threaten to destroy some planet like Earth every once in a while. Since they're fans of 20th and 21st Century Earth television, the show could contain various modern pop culture references. "I don't not understand why the lead character iCarly simply does not eat the other, smaller, less important characters."

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