'Archer' - 'Dial M for Mother' Recap (Season Finale) Episode 10

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did 'Archer' just get sentimental on us for a split second? It was an almost stealthy move. Sure, the season finale wrapped up with Mallory calling her son an ass but it was... sweet. Considering the whole super-spy nature of the show, the rest of the finale wasn't very action-packed. Instead, the focus remained on Archer and Mallory's relationship and the sick, twisted world of ISIS office romances. I think the picture accompanying this post pretty much sums that part up.

Overall, though, this was one of my favorite episodes from the series so far, with a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. And I'm sure you didn't realize we needed a new "Schwing!" but let's pretend that's what "Sploosh" (with the little hand motion) is going to be.

Picking up where we left off last time, it seems like Lana and Cyril are pretty much over. After all, Lana went through the trouble of having every man in the office (gay and otherwise) make up obscene tales of what went on beyond the door. It's going to be tough to get a relationship past that. Oh. And, presumably, she ended up having sex with Pam. That too. Pam's meltdown was actually pretty great, if only to demonstrate a brief glimpse at her non-snarky and full-on sad side.

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