'30 Rock' - 'Don Geiss, America, and Hope' Recap Season 4, Episode 15

I wonder if NBC killed off Don Geiss (that's him in the Han Solo-like cryogenic freeze thing above - another 'Star Wars' reference) because of Rip Torn's real-life problems? Sure, this episode was probably filmed before his latest escapade, but similar things had happened in the past, and maybe they didn't want to have to have him come back on the show now and then. Then again, Geiss had a lot of health problems in the past and almost died once already, so maybe his death was already in the works. And it certainly works as a sign that things are changing at NBC now that GE has sold it to Kabletown.

I wonder if Comcast is happy that Kabletown's main source of revenue is the porn movies it shows on some of its cable channels. I think it's funny that Kabletown's logo is a lot like Comcast's, even down to the big "C" at the start of the word (at least I assume that's supposed to be a "C"), even though that doesn't make sense when Kabletown starts with a "K." '30 Rock' can get a lot of mileage out of the NBC/Comcast deal and make jokes at Comcast's expense, but at the same time the cable company can get some advertisement on the show too. That's Komcastic!

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