Paula Abdul: From 'American Idol' to 'X Factor'?

Now things are getting absolutely interesting.

Again, the set-up: Simon Cowell's rumored (or, in my book, virtually confirmed) to be leaving American Idol, so he can work on bringing his talent show, The X Factor, to American shores. (And possibly judging it, too.) We've heard from Piers Morgan, who was being tipped as Simon's replacement over at Idol, confirming that the X Factor--which catapulted Leona Lewis to stardom and is s very big thing in the UK--is coming here. And we've heard rumors that Idol is prepping to work on Simon's departure by showing less and less of him this year.

Now, here's more fuel to the fire: PopCrunch is reporting that the X Factor has signed up Paula Abdul as a judge. Simon and Paula, together again? Exactly.

Well, they're just rumors, but the reports say she inked a $4.5 million contract with the show to become the second judge on the show. That would be weird, though--didn't she leave American Idol because they wouldn't give her the paycheck she demands, which is at $10 million a year?

Then again, the American X Factor--which will reportedly premiere on our screens in 2011--is a new show, so small digits for start-ups make absolute sense. And then there's Simon's apparent promise to Paula during negotiations. A network insider told the National Enquirer that he promised her that "she wouldn't have to deal with all the nonsense and infighting that she hated on Idol."

So, many said they'll quit on Idol when Paula left, and many said they'll do the same thing if Simon leaves. Would their reunion make you watch The X Factor? Is that all there is to it? I twiddle my fingers with anticipation. I wonder how this will actually go.

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