Surburbia, Goode Family Don't Survive - Featured

ABC quietly aired the remaining episodes of both animated series The Goode Family and Bob Saget family comedy Surviving Suburbia this past Friday.

ABC has announced that these will serve as the series finales for both series.


However, there still might be some hope left for The Goode Family. On that series' Facebook page, producers pledge that the show will return on a new network.

The text reads:

"That was our first season. We will let all of you know as soon as we have our new network and time slot. A lot of people have asked how they can see episodes they missed and we will try and find an answer. This show has been the most creatively satisfying thing we have ever done and we look forward to continuing it. Thanks as always. John and Dave"

So what do you think? Sad that Surviving Suburbia is dead? Want to see Goode live on on a new network?


Default avatar cat
Aug 11, 2009 1:42AM EDT

Overall I like Bob Saget and wish he would get something less generic. Saving Surburbia was exactly like every other nuclear family centered show ever made. I hope he finds something that is closer to the "Bob Saget" he played on Entourage, and less like a generic sitcom Dad. He needs a role where he can be a little more irreverent and use his foul-mouthed, immature, but funny, brand of comedy.

Default avatar cat
Aug 29, 2009 8:24AM EDT

I loved Surviving Suburbia. I am disgusted that it got cancelled. What's going to be in it's place? More "reality" shows. I guess this world is just full of morons if that's all they want to watch because I'm sorry it is not reality! Or more stupid remakes of night time soap operas like 90210 or Melrose Place, yuck! I was so happy to finally have a sitcom to watch and again it is taken from me just like Reaper. It was not like every other family centered show ever made. I can't wait till all the morons drop dead so some great shows like Surviving Suburbia and Reaper will be made again.

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