Recap Miami Medical: Season 1, Episode 10 - DIVER DOWN

A sunken merchant ship collapses on a diving party and several people are injured in the accident. Dr. Warren escorts two victims, Tracy and dive-master Kevin into the hyperbaric chamber to treat their "bends". Kevin quickly recovers, but Tracy mysteriously gets worse. Brandon, Tracy's fiancé, gets frustrated because even though he's been engaged to Tracy for six years, he has no legal standing when it comes to making medical decisions for her. Finally, they figure out Tracy has tetanus (whose symptoms mimic "the bends") developed from a recent tattoo. Also, Dr. C treats Olivia, the dive assistant who claims to not have family or health insurance because she hasn't told her parents she quit school. While Warren finally decides its time to meet her txting date, Dr. C and Zambrano speculate on the mysterious blonde Dr. Proctor gave a suitcase full of cash to.

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