Parks and Recreation: "Christmas Scandal" Review Season 2, Episode 12

Parks and Recreation's "Christmas Scandal" was a sweet and clever way to celebrate the holiday season - with only a few elements that felt out of place. I'm willing to forgive the absurdity of Councilman Dexhart's (Kevin Symons) outlandish affairs, due to the fact that his character's hyper-sexuality was actually brought up on the show before and that the reveal of Leslie's (Amy Poehler) holiday skit regarding Dexhart's love child/tryst turning out to be true was very funny. The hosts, however, from the "news over coffee" local morning show, Pawnee Today, felt a little out of place in an episode filled with a ton of subtler, character-building moments.

We all got to see the tender end to Dave (Louis CK) and Leslie's relationship. Sometimes I wish we'd had more time with these two as a couple, but it was still a great way to end things. Louis CK, known for being a raucous, raunchy comic, is almost frightening in his ability to play against his stage persona and give us a wonderfully caring, and deadpan, character. Again, moments like Leslie's talks with Dave and April's (Aubrey Plaza) wonderful exchanges with Andy (Chris Pratt) were very endearing and it made the evil Pawnee media really standout as being a bit too cartoonish. Sure, there are episodes of Parks that have a more surreal feeling ("Sister City," "Ron and Tammy") but the best parts of this episode felt like a downshift from that lunacy.

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