Dollhouse 2.08 "A Love Supreme" Recap

The second hour of this past Friday's Dollhouse two parter, "A Love Supreme", featured the return of an old foe, which could also be their last appearance before the series finale in January. The episode is a game changer in some sense, and it might be a precursor to everything in "Epitaph One" NOT coming true.

The Set Up

A guy sits beside his mobile home lamenting on loving something that's not real, i.e. a Doll. He is talking to someone who we don't see until it is too late for the cowboy. The guy's friend? It's ALPHA (guest star Alan Tudyk), who doesn't hesitate to give the poor sap a slit throat.

Back at the Dollhouse, Echo is in solitary confinement and is being questioned by a doctor, who is none other than Victor. Where is Enver Gjokaj's Emmy? Enquiring minds not only need to know, but demands for it to happen! Adele asks the Doctor Victor if he has found anything to prove that Echo remembered any Imprints for the past three months while gone, which he replies no. Ballard has had enough and wants the torture to stop, but Adele ignores him. She does pull Doctor Victor out of the room and the two of them leave. Boyd warns Ballard to stop showing emotion when it comes to Echo in front of Adele. It only proves that something is up.

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